Your agreements legally secured

We enable you to establish security rights through an end-to-end digital process

We perform Know Your Customer checks and all legal requirements

We combine technology with law. You can be sure that your agreements are legally binding

Why should you use our platform?

Top notch legal documentation. Our agreements are drafted by specialized legal counsel

Customers are always in charge. We support a full range of agreements as title for security rights

High-end security and compliance to financial regulations

Supported technology


We use blockchain technology. The exact time of signing is undisputable.


We perform fraud checks for secure and online identification. Fully GDPR compliant.

Digital Signature

Our digital signatures comply with eIDAS, they are admissible as evidence in every EU-court.

Secure storage

We offer secure document storage with 256-bits AES-encription.

How our platform works


Invite customer


Select assets


Legal contract


Digital signing


Blockchain data

Invite your customer to our platform.

Enter financial details and select collateral.

The legal agreement is generated by our application.

The agreement is signed by all parties with an Eidas-compliant digital signature.

Unique document ID and selected meta-data is stored in an Ethereum Smartcontract.