About us

Our mission
It is our mission to make security rights accessible to everyone and everywhere. On our platform, you arrange everything about security rights and financial documentation. We believe that a streamlined legal process creates even more financing opportunities and thus supports economic growth.

Our application
We have brought together legal and technical knowledge to design an end-to-end digital process. With our application you can easily and quickly establish liens through a fully online process. We use the potential of Blockchain technology in combination with our digital documentation. We combine the best of both worlds and use the public Blockchain only if it really adds value.

Our pilot
We are proud to announce that our application is now live for bèta testing and we’ll start a pilot with selected parties in April 2019. Interested? Enter your e-mail address and we will contact you about our pilot.

In the near future, pledging of tokens via our platform will also be possible. Tokenization offers even more opportunities for more efficient financing. We focus on all legal issues regarding tokenization and security rights. Our goal is to make the connection between legal reality and this new technology. Only when the pledging of tokens takes place in a legal and reliable manner, the full potential of tokenisation can be realized.