Our product

Digital security rights
The decision to borrow money is primarily an economic consideration. In contrast, establishing security rights is a legally driven process with many specific requirements. We believe in everyone’s specialism and ours is security rights. Our aim is to make security rights a joy instead of a necessary evil. That’s why we have developed an application that allows everyone to benefit from a smooth legal process.

In addition to our top-tier legal documentation, we facilitate the collateral process from start to finish. We use modern techniques, including digital identification, E-signing and time-stamps on the Blockchain.

Why digital?
The right technology is now available to make the transformation to digital. Many legal service providers tend to continue to work conservatively. No need for this, as of 1 July 2016 all EU member states have adopted the regulation on electronic identification and digital signatures (eIDAS).

Based on eIDAS, an electronically signed document is admissible as evidence in each court. Why stick to paper? Digital agreements can be securely stored, managed and controlled by analysis software. In addition, digitization saves our forests!